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Understanding When the City is Responsible for Sewer Line Repair in O’Fallon, IL

when is the city responsible for sewer line repair O'Fallon, IL

Maintaining a functional sewer line is essential for the health and safety of both residents and the environment. However, when sewer line issues arise, determining responsibility for repairs can be a source of confusion and frustration for homeowners. In many cases, the responsibility for sewer line repairs falls on the homeowner’s shoulders, but there are […]

What Causes the Sewer Smell in Your House in Collinsville, IL?

clogged toilet madison county il

Few things are more unpleasant than walking into your home and being greeted by the unmistakable odor of sewer gas. Not only is the smell offensive, but it can also indicate underlying issues with your plumbing system that need to be addressed promptly. At Bailey Sewer & Water in Collinsville, IL, we understand the importance […]

Unveiling the Top Causes of Sewer Damage in Belleville, IL

toilet sheet going into the bowl

Sewer damage can be a homeowner’s nightmare, leading to unpleasant odors, unsanitary conditions, and costly repairs. Understanding the primary causes of sewer damage is crucial for preventing such issues and maintaining a functional plumbing system. At Bailey Sewer & Water in Belleville, IL, we’re committed to helping homeowners safeguard their sewer systems. Here, we delve […]

5 Essential Tips on How to Prevent Sewer and Water Line Issues

sewer system professionals

Maintaining a functional sewer and water system is crucial for the smooth operation of any property. However, sewer and water line issues can be disruptive, costly, and unpleasant to deal with. Fortunately, with some proactive measures, you can prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. Here are five essential tips to help you […]

Anticipating the Process of Sewer Line Replacement in Collinsville, IL

sewer system professionals

Sewer line issues are a homeowner’s nightmare, but when repairs just won’t cut it anymore, it’s time to consider a full replacement. At Bailey Sewer & Water, your trusted provider of quality sewer line services in Collinsville, IL, we understand the importance of a smooth replacement process. Here’s what you can expect when undergoing a […]

Signs That May Mean Your Sewer Line Is Broken in Belleville, IL

sewer line

Is your home experiencing plumbing problems that just won’t flush away? Sewer line issues are not to be taken lightly. Ignoring them can lead to a slew of problems, including bacterial contamination and potential health hazards for you and your family. But fear not! Our blog post will help you learn more. Here are some […]

Having a Clogged Sewer Line in Troy, IL

Clogged Sewer Line in Troy, IL

Out of all the spooky things you will have to deal with this October, there is nothing scarier than having a clogged sewer line at your Troy, IL home. Having a backed-up sewer line leads to all kinds of trouble. Here we will be discussing some information you should know about clogged-up sewer lines, what […]

Why You Should Consider Plastic Sewer Pipes for Your Belleville, IL Home

Plastic Sewer Pipes

Are you considering using plastic sewer pipes for your Belleville, IL business or home? First it is important to know exactly what these pipes are. There is also an ample amount of different What Exactly Are Plastic Sewer Pipes? Plastic Sewer Pipes are made from either PVC or ABS.  They have a smooth surface which […]

Common Sewer Issues Effecting Collinsville, IL Residents

issue with sewers in Collinsville, IL

While clogged drains and leaky pipes can be an annoyance all year round, you cannot forget about your Collinsville, IL home’s sewer. This is where our team at Bailey’s Sewer & Water can come in. Below we have a list of a few issues that you may deal with throughout the year for your home’s […]

Four Signs You Should Call for Emergency Plumbing Services in Belleville, IL

emergency plumbing services

Wondering when you need to call in an emergency plumber? If so, you’re not alone. Most homeowners have a hard time knowing the difference between when a plumbing problem can wait and when to call an emergency plumbing service in Belleville, IL right away. To help you recognize plumbing problems that need immediate attention from […]

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