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Four Signs You Should Call for Emergency Plumbing Services in Belleville, IL

Wondering when you need to call in an emergency plumber? If so, you’re not alone. Most homeowners have a hard time knowing the difference between when a plumbing problem can wait and when to call an emergency plumbing service in Belleville, IL right away.

To help you recognize plumbing problems that need immediate attention from a licensed, experienced plumber, we’ve prepared this list of the top four signs that you need to call in a 24 hr plumber:

emergency water leak

You Have Water Leaks

Whenever water is flowing through a burst pipe, hot water tank, or broken faucet you need to call an emergency plumber. A massive amount of damage can be caused to your walls, electrical system, furnishings, and floors in far less time than you might expect when water is allowed to flow freely from a leak. Then you can be sure the cost of fixing all that damage will be much higher than hiring an emergency plumber.

The Sewer Is Backing Up Into Your Home

If you suddenly notice sewer water backing up through your sinks, drains, and/or toilets, call a plumber for help immediately. Not only can you not run any water or flush your toilets until the backup is fixed, but contaminated sewer water is filled with bacteria that you don’t want to expose your family to.

You Think Your Pipes Are Frozen

Frozen pipes can happen to any homeowner in Belleville, IL, leading to an imminent danger of burst pipes and flooding. Frozen pipes have to be handled carefully in order to prevent a disaster – that’s why you’ll want to call an emergency plumbing service if you suspect your pipes are frozen.

emergency frozen pipes

You Have a Clogged Toilet That You Can’t Clear With a Plunger

A toilet is one of those things everyone takes for granted until it’s out of commission. If your toilet is clogged and you can’t clean it yourself using a plunger, the clog could be a sign that roots have grown into your drain pipes or a large foreign object is blocking the flow. Whatever it is, the toilet won’t fix itself, so the sooner you call an emergency plumber, the better.

When you have questions about whether you need emergency plumbing services in Belleville, IL, call us here at Bailey Sewer & Water. As a local, family-owned company we’re committed to providing you with expert advice and great service for all your plumbing needs.


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