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Plastic Sewer Pipes

Why You Should Consider Plastic Sewer Pipes for Your Belleville, IL Home

Are you considering using plastic sewer pipes for your Belleville, IL business or home? First it is important to know exactly what these pipes are. There is also an ample amount of different

What Exactly Are Plastic Sewer Pipes?

plastic sewer pipes in Bellville, IL

Plastic Sewer Pipes are made from either PVC or ABS.  They have a smooth surface which provides excellent carrying capacity for waste. This also allows them to be resistant to tree root intrusions. These pipes must be installed carefully compared to other types. This is because the plastic is not as strong as other types of piping, which means it could bend or collapse if not supported properly by gravel or sand.

What Are the Benefits to Installing Plastic Pipes?

Plastic sewer pipes are flexible and lightweight. They are light enough for a single person to easily be able to move one piece. This means that installation is easy, and it means that there is less weight which means cheaper transportation costs. Other benefits include:

  • There is a ton of design versatility when it comes to using plastic pipes.
  • These types of pipes are flame-resistant and are safer than other types of piping.
  • When it comes to the flexibility of these pipes, they are really resistant to fracturing.

There are many benefits that plastic sewer pipes bring to those that use them. Due to their flexibility, efficiency, and safety, plastic pipes are a great option for many businesses and homeowners.  However, no matter what type of pipes you choose for your home, it is crucial that you have a trained plumber install your pipes for you. This ensures that the pipes are installed securely and without faults.

installing new sewer pipes in Bellville, IL

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