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Sewage Backup in Basement Causes Granite City, IL

sewage backups in Granite City IL

Homeowners in Granite City, IL never want to encounter sewage backups in their basements. You might encounter these backups whenever there are heavy rainstorms, or a toilet is flushed. These sewage backups have to be cleaned up immediately as they can cause water damage to your basement and can cause bacteria and mold growth. Here […]

Common Plumbing Misconceptions in Fairview Heights, IL

Water Heater

With how long modern plumbing has been around, many myths and misconceptions are floating around about it. You may hear stories of ways to unclog your drain or ways to save extra money, but these tall tales typically fall under fiction more than actual truth. Here we will be discussing some of these misconceptions and […]

Reasons to Avoid Store Bought Drain Cleaner

Store Bought Drain Cleaner

Nobody likes having a clogged drain, but store-bought drain cleaners won’t get the job done. We are all familiar with how annoying it is to have a shower that won’t drain correctly, leaving us to stand in an inch of water, or with the agony of a sink that takes an hour to empty the […]

Are You Experiencing Leaking Pipes In Granite City, IL?

leaking pipe

Leaky pipes can be a real pain in the neck. In most cases, the drip of a leaky faucet is just that: a simple drip. However, a slow leak can also lead to something much more serious going on with your pipes. Even leaks that just a small drip can cause even bigger issues in […]

5 Signs That You Have Clogged Drains in Your Granite City, IL Home


You likely know that wastewater from your toilet, sinks, shower and other household drains is transported out to your septic system or sewer, but do you know what the signs of clogged plumbing pipes are? In many cases clogs develop over time, giving you the chance to deal with the problem before those drain clogs, […]

Troy, IL Plumbing Problems: Things you should get checked out, right away!

sewer line

Have you ever wondered what type of things you could look for or check to determine if you have major plumbing problems including sewer line issues? If you’re in Troy, IL, Bailey Sewer and Water can help you. Here are several plumbing-related things you should get checked right away. Sump Pump Issues Your sump pump […]

Water Heater Maintenance Tips Collinsville, IL

Water Heater Tips Collinsville IL

Expert Water Heater Maintenance Tips Every home relies on hot water to perform many tasks every day. But since water heaters are usually installed in the basement or the garage, people do not see them often, and therefore, most people do not think about their water heaters until they don’t have any hot water or […]

Should you Replace or Invest in Toilet Repair? Edwardsville, IL Plumbing

Local Plumber Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair or Toilet Replacement in Edwardsville, IL Toilets are designed to last for decades. Even so, they’re not entirely maintenance-free. At some point, your toilet may develop some annoying quirks like running constantly or refusing to flush. Knowing when a toilet repair is sufficient or when it should be replaced saves you time, money, […]

Plumbing Pipes for Madison, IL Residents

copper pipes

Are Copper Pipes or Plastic Pipes Better For Your Home in Madison, IL? The importance of the plumbing system and your plumbing pipes in a house cannot be overemphasized. It is the system through which clean water is delivered to your house. Plumbing also helps with ensuring that the dirty water effectively gets out of […]

Plumbing Repair When to Call your Granite City, IL Local Plumber

plumbing inspection granite city

Plumbing Repairs & When To Call a Plumber in Granite City, IL The plumbing system is one of the most important components of your home. It ensures that your house has an adequate supply and clean water and that the dirty water is drained out effectively. However, it is not unusual for plumbing systems to […]

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