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Common Plumbing Misconceptions in Fairview Heights, IL

With how long modern plumbing has been around, many myths and misconceptions are floating around about it. You may hear stories of ways to unclog your drain or ways to save extra money, but these tall tales typically fall under fiction more than actual truth. Here we will be discussing some of these misconceptions and tricks you should not try on the plumbing in your Fairview Heights, IL Home.

toilet sheet going into the bowl

Flushable Wipes

When you’re at the store you may find a brand of wipes or whatnot for either beauty products or cleaning products that claim to be flushable. Despite what these products may claim, if you value your plumbing you will not flush such products down your toilet as they still may create issues. You should only flush what you already know you can flush.

Rumbling Means Your Water Heater Will Explode

While this might be a scary prospect, there are other reasons why your water heater may be shaking or making noise. Sediment build-up may cause this to happen. Typically, your water heater is not going to combust if it is acting like this, however, you should still call an experienced plumber to look at it.

Ice Cubes Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades

You may have heard before that one that you can sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal is to run ice cubes with it. The truth is it makes no difference to your blades. While it may not help the strength of your blades, it can still help get stuff stuck in your garbage disposal out.

Showering During a Lighting Storm

Someone may have told you that it is totally safe to shower or bathe during a lightning storm, however, this is still very risky. While it is uncommon, it is possible for the lighting to travel up the plumbing of your Fairview Heights, IL home. It’s best to wait until things have subsided before you freshen up.

Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

Running water down the sink

One of the most dangerous myths you may hear is that liquid drain cleaners are perfect for clearing away clogs in your plumbing. This is false and depending on the strength of those chemicals, it might be able to clear the clog, but it will likely damage your pipes as well. There are better alternatives, and if you need help with a bad clog, call an expert plumber.

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