Toilet Repair or Toilet Replacement in Edwardsville, IL

Toilets are designed to last for decades. Even so, they’re not entirely maintenance-free. At some point, your toilet may develop some annoying quirks like running constantly or refusing to flush. Knowing when a toilet repair is sufficient or when it should be replaced saves you time, money, and a lot of stress.

When to Invest in Toilet Repair

The Toilet Runs Constantly

With a toilet running constantly, water from the tank is continuously running into the bowl. In most cases, this is the result of the flapper not sealing properly. This is a simple and very inexpensive repair that most homeowners can confidently take on.

The Toilet Won’t Flush

toilet not flushing edwardsville illinois

A toilet that won’t flush is often a cause for panic, but in many cases, the problem is simple. The toilet may be clogged, there may not be enough water in the tank, the lift chain may be broken or the flapper may not be working properly. In all of these cases, a simple repair is all that’s necessary.

The Water Level is Low

The toilet’s water level should remain constant, both in the tank and in the bowl. If the water is low in the tank, confirm that the shut-off valve hasn’t been turned. If the water is low in the bowl, then there’s likely a partial clog. However, if the toilet’s water level is low and there’s water on the floor around it, the problem may be more serious.

When to Replace Your Toilet

The Toilet Has a Crack

New toilet installation edwardsville il

Even a minor crack in the toilet can turn into a big problem. Dirt and bacteria can build up in the crack, causing the toilet to look dingy and preventing you from ever getting it truly clean. Over time, the crack could expand and eventually cause a leak.

The Toilet Is Always Blocked

If the toilet is constantly becoming blocked, this could be a sign that it’s no longer functioning properly and a replacement is the best course of action.

The Toilet Needs Constant Repairs

An occasional repair is a part of the course, but a toilet that is functioning properly generally doesn’t need much maintenance beyond everyday cleaning. If you’re constantly dealing with issues, however, a new toilet may be the way to go. Whether your toilet needs a repair or it needs to be replaced, the plumbers at Bailey Sewer & Water are here to help. We proudly serve homeowners in the Edwardsville, IL, region, and provide a full array of plumbing services to keep the plumbing of your home running optimally.