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5 Signs That You Have Clogged Drains in Your Granite City, IL Home

You likely know that wastewater from your toilet, sinks, shower and other household drains is transported out to your septic system or sewer, but do you know what the signs of clogged plumbing pipes are?

In many cases clogs develop over time, giving you the chance to deal with the problem before those drain clogs, toilet clogs and blocked pipes lead to a major crisis in your home.

Here are the five most common signs that you have one or more clogged drains in your Granite City, IL home:

clogged drain

Your Drain Takes Longer Than Normal to Clear

One of the first warning signs of clogs is slow-moving drains – that’s when the water takes longer than normal to run out of your sink, bathtub, or any other drain.

Your Toilet Is Gurgling

Hear strange gurgling noises coming from your toilet bowl? Not only can this be a bit unnerving, but it can also be a warning sign that clogs are developing somewhere between the toilet and the main sewer line leaving your house.

Only One Sink Is Clogged

Drain clogs that are isolated to one location usually mean that there’s something preventing water from clearing down that specific drain rather than it being a whole-house issue. If this is the case you may want to pull out the trap to see if you can remove food scraps, hair, or fallen objects.

The Water In Your Toilet Rises Higher Than Usual, Then Drops Lower Than Normal

Because the drain lines leaving your toilet are larger than the drains connected to your sinks, the first signs of clogs in your sewer lines often show up in your toilet bowl. If the water level inside your toilet fluctuates there may be a problem with your drainage system.

Water Comes Up Through Your Bathtub Drain When You Run Water In Your Granite City, IL Home

bathtub drain clogged

If you notice water coming up through the drain in your tub, shower or floor drains that’s a sign that something is blocking your main sewer line.

Worried about clogged plumbing pipes in your home? Contact us here at Bailey Sewer and Water today to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable plumbing specialists today. We have the skills and experience it takes to quickly diagnose what’s causing your toilet clogs, drain clogs, and blocked sewer pipes.


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