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Common Plumbing Issues in Edwardsville, IL

Leaking Faucet

Homeowners in Edwardsville, IL should know how annoying plumbing problems can be in their home. Having issues with your plumbing can interfere with your daily life. There are many different kinds of issues with your plumbing that can occur at any time. If you own a home, you owe it to yourself to know how […]

Stopping an Overflowing Toilet in Collinsville, IL

Plumbing Services Available

One of the most infuriating things that can happen in your Collinsville, IL home is for your toilet to overflow. Having an overflowing toilet can get water all over your bathroom floor, which can cause water damage. It is important to fix an overflowing toilet as soon as the problem starts. Thankfully there are ways […]

How To Un-Jam Your Garbage Disposal Safely in Granite City, IL

Sink Repair

If you are a homeowner in Granite City, IL you should already know how important it is to have a working garbage disposal in your kitchen. This is why it can be frustrating for many when they find that it has become jammed. Thankfully, there are several ways to safely fix this issue. Here we […]

Common Plumbing Misconceptions in Fairview Heights, IL

Water Heater

With how long modern plumbing has been around, many myths and misconceptions are floating around about it. You may hear stories of ways to unclog your drain or ways to save extra money, but these tall tales typically fall under fiction more than actual truth. Here we will be discussing some of these misconceptions and […]

Protecting the Drains in Your O’Fallon, IL Home from FOG Clogs

FOG Clogs

While you may be tempted to pour just about anything down the drains of your home, it’s important not to send just anything down there. It is important not to pour (fats, oils, and greases) down your kitchen drain, as it can clog your pipes. Here is what you need to know about FOG clogs […]

Having a Clogged Sewer Line in Troy, IL

Clogged Sewer Line in Troy, IL

Out of all the spooky things you will have to deal with this October, there is nothing scarier than having a clogged sewer line at your Troy, IL home. Having a backed-up sewer line leads to all kinds of trouble. Here we will be discussing some information you should know about clogged-up sewer lines, what […]

Common Sewer Issues Effecting Collinsville, IL Residents

issue with sewers in Collinsville, IL

While clogged drains and leaky pipes can be an annoyance all year round, you cannot forget about your Collinsville, IL home’s sewer. This is where our team at Bailey’s Sewer & Water can come in. Below we have a list of a few issues that you may deal with throughout the year for your home’s […]

Don’t Pour Grease or Oil Down Your Collinsville, IL Drain

water running down sink

You have most likely been warned at some point that pouring grease into your drain is a bad idea. However, everyone has their lazy days, and you may have ignored this warning in favor of a quicker cleanup. If you pour trace amounts of grease down your Collinsville, IL home’s drain once, it probably won’t […]

5 Signs That You Have Clogged Drains in Your Granite City, IL Home


You likely know that wastewater from your toilet, sinks, shower and other household drains is transported out to your septic system or sewer, but do you know what the signs of clogged plumbing pipes are? In many cases clogs develop over time, giving you the chance to deal with the problem before those drain clogs, […]

Troy, IL Plumbing Problems: Things you should get checked out, right away!

sewer line

Have you ever wondered what type of things you could look for or check to determine if you have major plumbing problems including sewer line issues? If you’re in Troy, IL, Bailey Sewer and Water can help you. Here are several plumbing-related things you should get checked right away. Sump Pump Issues Your sump pump […]