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FOG Clogs

Protecting the Drains in Your O’Fallon, IL Home from FOG Clogs

While you may be tempted to pour just about anything down the drains of your home, it’s important not to send just anything down there. It is important not to pour (fats, oils, and greases) down your kitchen drain, as it can clog your pipes. Here is what you need to know about FOG clogs and ways you can prevent your drain from clogging up from them in O’Fallon, IL.

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FOG Clogs

After you get done cooking, you may consider pouring down all those oils, fats, and greases right down the drain of your kitchen sink. You may be convinced that those substances will go right down the drain and out of your home for good. What people do not know is that those substances can solidify in your pipes and with enough build-up can cause clogging. If you think your garbage disposal will take care of the issue, think again. The garbage disposal can split the fats into several parts which can cause even more clogging. If you want to completely avoid having these issues, it’s important to never pour these substances down your drain.

Methods of Avoiding These FOG Clogs

It’s important to form good habits in your kitchen that will keep your plumbing safe. Clean your plates off in the trash can and get as much stuff off in there as you can. Use a paper towel for this as these substances can catch on washcloths and clog up the pipes of your washer or drier. Even the smallest of substances left over on your plate can get into your drain and cause a FOG clog over time.

You may want to consider using a strainer for your kitchen sink. It will help catch anything that may have the potential to clog your drain. You can easily fit them in your sink, and you can easily remove them for cleaning. It is important to remember that oils can still make their way through your strainer so you will need to continue to avoid pouring any FOG substances down your drain.

The Right Decisions to Make

clogged sink problems in O'Fallon, IL

If you find the prospect of pouring large amounts of FOG substances into your trash messy, you could try pouring them into a disposable sealable jar at room temperature before putting them into your trash. This is a great way of keeping your kitchen drain in your Troy, IL home safe from a bad FOG clog. Also, it is vitally important to think about what other items you should not pour down your drain.

If you have a FOG clog in your O’Fallon, IL kitchen drain, give our professional team over at Baileys Sewer & Water a call today!


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