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Don’t Pour Grease or Oil Down Your Collinsville, IL Drain

You have most likely been warned at some point that pouring grease into your drain is a bad idea. However, everyone has their lazy days, and you may have ignored this warning in favor of a quicker cleanup. If you pour trace amounts of grease down your Collinsville, IL home’s drain once, it probably won’t cause any serious issues in your pipes. However, if you frequently dispose of cooking oil or grease deposits in the sink, you could have a problem building up in your pipes.

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Many people think that by running hot water down into the drain you will be able to keep grease from sticking. However, this is not entirely true. Oil may be going into your drain as a liquid, but it cools and as it goes through your pipes it can start to solidify. When this happens, the grease often sticks to the surfaces inside of the pipes, creating buildups.

Garbage Disposals & Grease

A thought that is misguided that many people have is that it is acceptable to pour grease down a garbage disposal. The disposal does not have any special parts that help destroy the grease, and the blades are not effective against it either. The blades actually will end up becoming less effective after repeated coatings of grease.

A few warning signs that you should be aware of include gurgling noises coming from the drain, slow drainage, and even a bad smell. If you cannot seem to get rid of the clog on your own, call a professional plumber who can take care of the issue.

Ways to Dispose of Grease Not Down the Drain

If you were cooking hamburger or bacon and only have a little bit of grease in your pan, let it sit out on the stove while you enjoy your meal. Once the grease has solidified you can then use a spatula or paper towel to wipe it into the trash can.

do not pour oil or grease down drain in Collinsville, IL

Keeping a jar or a can that is specifically used to collect grease is another option for you to utilize. This method is best if you often cook with greasy foods or if you have larger amounts that need to be disposed of at once. Simply drain your pan of oil into a jar and let it solidify. If the jar is large enough, you do not have to throw it out right away either. Just put a lid on it and set the jar in the corner of the fridge or on your counter, for future use. Once the jar or can is full you can then throw it in the trash can.

If your home’s drain is clogged due to pouring grease down it, call our team of professionals at Bailey’s Sewer & Water today!


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