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sewer cleaning edwardsville il

Why you need sewer cleaning in Edwardsville, IL

Need Sewer Cleaning? Call your Edwardsville, IL Professionals!

sewer cleaning edwardsville il

Have you noticed a problem with your plumbing system? Slow drains? Issues with your plumbing fixtures? Your problem could be in the sewer system that drains wastewater from your home. If you’ve got a major clog or problem with one of your main sewer lines, it could cost you extra on your water bill and put you at risk of a major plumbing backup, which could be thousands of dollars to repair. Avoid these issues with sewer cleaning from your local professional plumbing company. Read on for some FAQs about sewer cleaning services!

Where is my sewer system?

Your sewer system is located inside your home and underneath it. Drainage lines run through your home and underneath the home to the city’s main sewer system. This system of pipes carries wastewater away from your home to a water treatment facility. Call professional help to deal with these dangerous and complicated systems.

Why do sewers need to be cleaned?

Over time, your sewer system can develop buildups inside the pipes which could partially or fully block the flow of water, causing a major problem at your home. Major blockages could cause the water to back up at your home, which would bring hefty repair costs. Additionally, being located underground, growing tree roots many times rupture sewer lines. Sewer cleaning service clears blockages and tree roots to prevent major problems.

How do you clean sewers?

We use high-pressure streams of water to clean sewers. These streams of water push blockages and wastewater through the pipes. These blockages and buildups end up sucked up by a large vacuum truck and taken to a landfill.

How are sewers inspected?

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to go underground to clean and inspect the sewers. We use a flexible video camera that can go underground for us. Using this technology, we can inspect every inch of your sewer system with precision.

How long will sewer cleaning take?

Each job is different depending on your property, the layout of your system, and the severity of the blockages. However, cleaning the sewers of one home can usually be done in a day.

Do I need to prepare?

As a matter of fact, you do. The pressure used in cleaning out the sewers can cause water to swish around in your system and even back up into toilets and bathtubs/showers. Make sure to ask your sewer cleaning company what actions they suggest you take to prevent damage during cleaning.


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