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sewer clogs granite city il

What are the most common drain clogs for Granite City, IL homes?

drain clogs granite city il

We know that it’s really frustrating and unpleasant to suffer from drain or sewer line clogs. Often drain clogs develop as the result of the neglect to properly maintain your plumbing system. Therefore, prevention is always better than cure. So here’s a quick guide to half a dozen of the most common causes that lead to a clogged drain and some major plumbing problems. Some are obvious, but one or two might take you by surprise…

Hair Balls

Hair is one of the top causes of clogs in this area. Everyone loses hair, especially with the pressure of the shower beating down on you. When hair falls out, it gets sucked down the tub, but it also easily binds together and sticks to the wall of your pipes.

Grease & Fat

Washing grease or fat into your waste system can easily happen. It looks innocuous when cleaning dinner plates, but as previously mentioned, it can quickly attach itself to other debris and form hard-to-shift deposits.

Soap Scum

The combination of minerals in your water and the soap forms together to make soap scum. This soap scum builds up on the inside of pipes, restricting water flow and even causing complete blockages.

Mud & Dirt

Many people will wash their muddy shoes or boots in the sink after a countryside hike, or simply throw mud-caked clothes into the washer. Much better to wash footwear outside and brush excess caked and dried mud from outdoor clothes before washing.

Food Waste

While it’s called the garbage disposal, it’s not always prudent to dispose of food and food waste using this method. Some foodstuffs, fail to break down, while others bind together to form clogs –  problem foods include coffee grounds, vegetable skins, fruit skins, etc.

Sanitary Products

Unfortunately, many believe that simply flushing something down the toilet gets rid of it. However, toilet paper is really the only thing you should be flushing. Other items aren’t water-soluble, meaning they won’t break down the way t.p. does. Items to avoid flushing include condoms, tampons, menstrual pads, sanitary wipes, baby wipes, and more.

Drain Clog Prevention

As well as simple prevention, regular video sewer inspection and drain cleaning can help prevent such build-ups, or quickly deal with such horrible problems when they do arise in your Granite City IL home or business. Either way, simply contact our experienced Bailey Sewer &  Water team now on (618) 452-8305.


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