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The Many Benefits of Preventative Sewer Maintenance For Your Madison, IL Home

Did you know plumbers do preventative sewer maintenance? Many people in the Madison, IL area don’t realize that annual drain and sewer inspections and cleanings are even a thing. Instead, they wait until there’s a plumbing problem to call in a plumber. Unfortunately, by the time you notice you’re having a sewer issue, there’s a good chance your Madison, IL plumber will have a pretty costly repair to complete.

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How Often Should Drain Cleaning Be Completed

Most plumbers recommend drain or sewer cleaning services on an annual basis. When you have your drains and sewer lines inspected and cleaned annually, they are less likely to clog.

However, you shouldn’t just pour a liquid plumbing solution down your drains and call it a day. Those solutions are made with chemicals that, over time, can cause your pipes to corrode or leak. Instead, you should consider having a professional plumber inspect and clean your drains and sewer lines.

How Do Madison, IL Plumbers Clean Sewer Lines?

Cleaning your homes drains and sewer lines probably isn’t as difficult as you think. In most cases, plumbers use drain snakes or hydro-jetting to ensure your home’s pipes are clear of debris.

Hydro-jetting involves sending highly pressurized water through your drain, blasting away any debris in the way. It effectively removes all build-up from your pipes. In fact, the pressurized water is so strong, it can clear tree roots out of the way.

Unfortunately, hydro-jetting isn’t a good idea for older homes with more fragile plumbing systems. Instead, your plumber would use a drain snake, which is also known as plumber augers, to clear any debris impeding your home’s drains. Drain snakes are fed into your drain and worked through to remove any clogs. They also remove some of the build-up on the inside of your pipes, but not as much as hydro-jetting removes.

preventative sewer maintenance

Benefits of Preventative Sewer Maintenance

The main benefit of preventative sewer maintenance is that you’re less likely to have to deal with a clogged toilet, sink, or bathtub. However, that isn’t the only benefit.

When you regularly have preventative drain and sewer maintenance completed, it helps to increase the lifespan of your home’s plumbing system. Not only are your pipes less likely to rupture due to a clog, but because you won’t need to use a liquid plumbing solution, your pipes are less likely to corrode.

Overall, having preventative drain and sewer maintenance completed on an annual basis keeps your home’s drainage system functioning properly. In the long run, it could save you from having to pay for more expensive repairs. If you are looking to get this preventative maintenance done, give us a call at Bailey Sewer and Water today!


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