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Emergency Sewer Cleaning vs. Preventative Sewer Cleaning In Collinsville, IL!

Emergency Sewer Cleaning vs. Preventative Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning is a necessary service, to keep your sewer lines flowing freely. You have a choice in the matter; you can have your sewers cleaned on a routine basis or you can have them cleaned when you have a blockage. Here’s a look at both processes, so you can decide which you would rather choose.

Emergency Sewer Cleaning

Emergency cleaning is required when you have a blockage in your sewer. It will require the services of a plumbing professional, one who has the skill, experience, and specialized tools to take care of the problem.

Your plumber will need to find the problem before he can fix it. This will require an inspection. By using video cameras inserted into the sewer line, your plumber can find the section with the clog.

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To clear the obstruction, your plumber can use one of several methods. Most commonly used are sewer rodding and hydro jetting. Sewer rodding involves a mechanical process that forces the clog out with a rod jammed through the pipe. Hydro jetting involves high-pressure water being applied to the piping, flushing out the obstruction.

Both methods work well to fix the problem in Collinsville, IL. And both methods are used for preventative sewer cleaning. The problem is, if you wait until you have a sewer problem, it will cost you a lot more.

Preventative Sewer Cleaning

With preventative cleaning, you schedule routine cleaning to avoid ever having a sewer emergency. Your plumbing professional will conduct regular sewer inspections, so you will know about potential problems before they occur.

Sewer inspections involve a video camera placed inside the sewer line. This gives your plumber a chance to see what is going on without having to dig up sections of the sewer line.

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After the inspection is finished, your plumbing professional will clean out your sewer pipes. Taking care of the cleaning before there is a blockage is much quicker. Hydro jetting forces the high-pressure water through the sewer pipes, clearing away the debris before it can create a clog. This keeps your pipes clear, and regular hydro jetting keep clogs from ever forming.

With preventative cleaning in Collinsville, IL, you save time and money. Routine cleaning takes much less time than emergency cleaning and costs a lot less money. With a scheduled program of sewer maintenance, your sewer pipes will last longer, cutting down your need for expensive sewer repair.


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