• Are Odors in Your Home An Indicator That You Have A Plumbing Emergency?

    June 17, 2020 | Blog
  • Do you smell a foul odor when you enter your kitchen or bathroom, even when it has just been cleaned? If the smell is strongest near the sink and shower or tub drains, it is likely a sign that you have a plumbing problem. It could indicate you have a serious plumbing emergency that requires professional assistance.

    What Is Causing the Smell?

    Plumbing odors can be unpleasant. To fix the problem, your plumber must first determine what is causing the trouble. The foul smell coming from your plumbing could be due to one of the following common reasons.

    Clogs and Bacteria

    Your drains encounter many clogging materials during a normal day’s use. In the kitchen, food particles, grease, and other debris can combine to block your pipes. Bathroom drains have to deal with soap scum, hair, and hair products constantly, which can clump together to create an obstruction. When this debris builds up in your pipes, bacteria begins to build up, as well. This releases a nasty plumbing odor.

    Sewer Odors

    If there are no empty drain traps, sewer gases can sometimes rise from the drains. This generally happens more often in drains that get little use.

    Pipe Blockage

    Like any pipes, your drain pipes and sewer vent pipes can get obstructed. When you run the water, check to see if it stops draining and begins to gather in the sink basin. If this happens and has an odor with it, it is likely that you have a clogged sewer pipe.

    Problems with Your Water

    The smell could be coming from the water itself. If your water contains sulfates, it can cause an odor, something like that of a rotten egg. This often happens when sulfate-decreasing bacteria enters your water heater and reacts with the sulfates in the water there.

    Mold or Mildew

    Even in the case of a tiny leak in your pipes, mold and mildew can build up. This can happen out of your sight, under the sink or behind a wall, creating bigger pipe problems as the problem grows. As soon as you notice this smell, it is a good idea to get your Edwardsville, IL plumber to give your home an inspection.

    Plumbing Error

    Mistakes can be made anywhere. This includes your plumbing system. If traps or vents are missing, it can cause a foul smell. Also, leaking and decaying drain tubes can create odors in your drain.

    Plumbing odors in your home could indicate that you have a plumbing emergency that needs professional attention fast. Don’t ignore them, hoping they will just go away. Contact your Edwardsville, Illinois plumber immediately for help and help your home smell better!