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Limit your need for sewer cleaning in the Edwardsville, IL area

Tips to prevent sewer cleaning services in Edwardsville, IL area

Everybody, eventually, will need their drains and sewers cleaned. Over time, they become clogged and need some attention. However, when plumbers and technicians come out, they often spot things that could have been avoided, things that could have prevented the drains and sewers from needing to be cleaned in the first place.  Take the following tips to heart if you want to avoid calling your local sewer service professionals.

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Only Liquids Down the Drain

This seems obvious, right? But still, many people send bits of food down drains that are not equipped to handle it. It may not seem like a big deal at the time – what’s one or two strawberry hulls, or a little bit of food scraped off of a plate? – but it can actually cause a serious problem. Always scrape plates into the trash, and don’t put large pieces of food down a drain that isn’t equipped with a garbage disposal.

food waste clogs and sewer cleaning

Use Your Garbage Disposal Correctly

If you have a garbage disposal you need to ensure that all food waste is properly handled, and you know what not try and send through it. Coffee grinds, banana peels, and eggshells can actually cause clogs! Ensure that you’re using your garbage disposal to fully grind up any other food scraps so they don’t cause blockages.

cooking oil and sewer cleaning

Avoid Oil

Oil is the one exception to the “Only Liquids Down the Drain” rule. That’s because a lot of oil is liquid when warm but solidifies when cool. It also has a tendency to stick to whatever it passes, meaning that over time, you’ll end up with pipes coated in oil. Even oils that are liquid in your cabinets can reach a solid point at cooler temperatures in the pipes, so don’t risk it. Wait for your oil to cool, then transfer it to a storage container. You can filter frying oil and use it to fry again, and once it’s ready to be disposed of, you just toss out the whole container.

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Call in the Experts

Even if you follow these tips diligently, you’ll still probably need some drain and sewer cleaning services at some point. In the Edwardsville, Illinois area, there’s no one better than Bailey Sewer & Water. Call for all your plumbing needs, including sewer clogs and sewer line clogs as well as drain clogs and drain cleaning. Visit the website today at


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