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clogged drains in Belleville, IL

Clogged Drain Solutions For Belleville, IL Homes

Unclogging drain in Bellville, IL

It can be a pain to have a clogged drain in your Belleville, IL home. If you have a clogged drain that you can solve, it’s best to call a professional to fix it. There are, however, some ways you can remove the clog yourself. Here we will give some information about clogged drains and what you should and shouldn’t do if you have one.

Clogged Drain Solutions

Sometimes a clog can be easily fixed with things you may have around your home. You can use things like bleach, vinegar, or even hot water to unclog your drain. The bleach and vinegar will break down the debris that is blocking the pipe. It may take some time for these things to clear the blockage so just be patient. Try to avoid pouring water in with it as watering it down can make the process even slower. If this does not help, you should contact an expert plumber to look at your pipes for you. You don’t want to go overboard trying to fix the problem yourself as doing so may make the problem worse or even damage your pipes.

Things You Should Avoid Doing For Clogged Drains

Do not try to keep adding water or flushing your drain if the water is going down slowly in it. It’s best to just let it drain as trying to keep doing these things hoping it will fix the problem will either make it worse or just make a big mess in your house. Don’t try to shove a bunch of things in your drain either as that will not help the situation at all.

Drain Cleaners

Debris causing clogged drain

Sometimes drain cleaners will work, but other times they can cause permeate damage to your pipes or even pose a health danger for the person who is trying to unclog the blockage. Make sure that you follow the directions and do not use more drain cleaner than you need to. Doing so can pose a chemical hazard. If you find that nothing is working or your drain has a consistent clogging issue, it’s best to hire a professional to come to look at it.

If you’re looking for an expert plumbing service that can not only free your drain of a clog but also provide many other helpful services, give our team over at Bailey Sewer & Water a call today! We are here for all Belleville, IL, residents.


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