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sump pump maintenance in the spring

What you need to know about sump pump maintenance in Maryville, IL

Sump Pump Maintenance

Keep your home’s basement dry all year round with proper sump pump maintenance. Contact BAILEY SEWER & WATER, the #1 plumbing service, in Maryville, IL. Call (618) 452-8305 to schedule service or to have one of our highly trained plumbing experts give you a free estimate.

Thawing snow and heavy rains can put your sump pump to work, overtime. Additionally, your home could suffer a power outage, and put your sump pump out of action completely, making it more sump and not so much pump. Don’t let that happen to your home. In Maryville, IL contact, Bailey Sewer & Water. A trained expert will come to your home to assess any potential issues and give you a free evaluation of what it might cost to keep your sump pump in tip-top shape.

sump pump maintenance tips in Spring

Spring-time Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

The Spring season is the best time to perform your home’s bi-annual sump pump maintenance routine. It’s probably best if you repeat this maintenance routine in the fall as well before the heavy snowstorms put your home’s sump pump to work. These DYI tips can help you to avoid costly repairs later. Cross these four simple tasks off your spring cleaning to-do list and enjoy the year while staying flood-free.

Open it Up: Take the cover off of the sump pump pit or basin and have a look inside. Clear any debris, mud, or rocks that you find inside – this helps prevent it from clogging.

Components Check: Peek and make sure the drain hose is connected, and that it’s not blocked or frozen. Also, check the inlet screen and clear it of any debris.

Keep it Afloat: Make sure the float component can move freely and isn’t blocked.

Flow Strategically: Go outside and make sure the water being pumped out is directed away from your home.

Do a Test Run: Fill the pit with a bucket of water, which should trigger the sump pump to be activated. If it doesn’t, make sure it’s plugged in.

Call a Pro: If the pump doesn’t turn on after you’ve plugged it in, call in the pros at Bailey Sewer & Water for a look.

Don’t wait another minute, prepare your home’s sump pump to handle any weather that mother nature throws its way. Call Bailey Sewer & Water at (618) 453-8305 and schedule your appointment, TODAY.


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