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sump pump battery backup

Does my Granite City, IL home need a sump pump battery backup?

Granite City, IL is no stranger to flash floods, and when these happen, you need something to protect your home. A sump pump is a perfect tool for the job, but if there’s already a power outage, your sump pump won’t work. If this happens, you need a battery backup. Here’s what you need to know about these handy devices.

How Do They Work?

Sump pumps need the power to pump water out of your home, and they can only pump a certain amount of water out of your home at a time. A battery backup is installed above your primary sump pump and helps take care of whatever a single sump pump can’t.

These backup sump pumps operate on a battery so they will work in extreme conditions.

help limit flash floods with sump pump battery backup

Do You Need a Sump Pump Battery Replacement?

If you’re considering installing a sump pump battery backup in your Granite City, IL home, you may be wondering if you need one. While having a backup sump pump isn’t an absolute necessity, it’s nice to have when your other sump pump can’t handle the burden. So how do you know if you need one?

One situation where battery-operated backup sump pumps come in handy is a heavy storm. When there is enough rain to trigger your sump pump, there’s a decent chance the power will go out. If this happens, a battery-operated backup pump maybe your basement’s only defense against flooding.

A battery-powered backup sump pump can also save you in the event that your primary pump can’t pump out enough water. A backup sump pump can supplement your primary pump by helping pump some of the water out. It can also save you if you unknowingly need a sump pump repair.

You may consider getting a battery-powered backup along with your sump pump installation if the foundation of your home is below the waterline. This can cause frequently flooding under your home, and a battery-powered sump pump ensures your home stays dry.

how do sum pump battery backups work?

Keep on Pumping

Keeping your home dry is an important part of keeping it clean and helping it last longer, and your sump pump plays a crucial role in that process. If you need sump pump repair or battery-powered backup sump pump installation in Granite City, IL, call a professional at Bailey Sewer & Water at (618) 452-8305.


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