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winter plumbing problems granite city illinois

How To Avoid Winter Plumbing Problems at your Granite City Home

3 Winter Plumbing Problems to Avoid & How to Fix Them

In Granite City, IL, winter isn’t always a wonderland. Biting cold and blustery winter conditions pose some serious obstacles for your home to overcome. Not the least of your concerns should be the effect dropping temperatures could have on your plumbing system. In fact, you should have already taken measures to prevent some of the most common winter plumbing problems. If not, call your local plumbers for the repairs needed to get your system back to normal. Here’s how to avoid three common winter plumbing problems and how to fix them.

Plumbing Problem #1: Frozen Pipes

winter plumbing problems frozen pipes grante city il

As water freezes, it expands, which could be hazardous to your plumbing system if there is water in your pipes or valves when temperatures hit freezing. Frozen pipes reduce the flow of water and could even cause leaking or bursting pipes. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Prevent

To prevent frozen pipes, it’s smart to drain any exterior water lines (i.e., the garden hose) and shut the valves. Additionally, interior pipes that aren’t heated by the home (i.e., garages, basements, etc.) should be wrapped in insulation, and rooms that aren’t reached by the central heating system should be bolstered with insulation.

How to Fix

If you know where the problem is, and it’s easily accessible, you may be able to unfreeze the problem with a space heater or hair dryer. However, if using a space heater, be sure to monitor frequently for safety purposes. The best bet is to call a local plumber that can unfreeze them and prevent it from happening again.

Plumbing Problem #2: Clogged Drains

clogged drains in granite city il

With the increase of traffic in your kitchen brought on by holiday guests, your plumbing system could be begging for relief. Food waste from cooking and cleaning up could very easily cause a buildup in your pipes this year.

How to Prevent

There’s one real way to prevent clogged drains – be careful what you put down there! You should stay away from washing food waste down the drain as much as you can. Additionally, refrain from washing away coffee grounds and any other sticky substances.

How to Fix

This problem could be easily solved with a plunger or drain auger. However, if you’re not having any luck locating the clog, it’s best not to go any further. Call your plumber for drain cleaning and get your system moving again!

Plumbing Problem #3: Burst or Leaking Pipes

burst pipes granite city il

If you forgot to drain your water lines or insulate pipes before winter, you could be dealing with pipe leaks or even bursting pipes due to the freezing and expanding of water.

How to Prevent

To prevent this problem, you’d have to take steps before the first freeze. Pipe insulation and wall insulation for unheated rooms are a good place to start. However, sometimes there’s not much you can do.

How to Fix

You won’t be fixing your own pipes. You can minimize the problem by shutting off your water or patching the leak with sealant tape, but to truly fix the problem, you need to call a local plumbing professional like Bailey Sewer & Water in Granite City, IL!

Bailey Sewer & Water provides general and emergency plumbing services for residential and commercial customers throughout the Metro-East area.


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