• How To Fix A Faucet Leak

    September 14, 2020 | Blog
  • Why Does a Faucet Start Leaking?

    Worn-out Washers or Seals

    The main reason why faucets leak is worn parts that need replaced. For example, a steadily dripping faucet usually means the washer should be replaced. If you have a leaky compression faucet, it’s probably due to seal damage. Compression faucet seals control water pressure when the faucet is closed. Worn seals are unable to hold back water pressure, resulting in a faucet leak.

    High Water Pressure

    If you replace the washer or seal in a leaky faucet but you notice the faucet only drips at night when no one is using water, it could be due to excessively high water pressure. Call Bailey Sewer & Water in Collinsville, IL for an evaluation of your home’s water pressure. If it is too high, we can restore it to proper levels and provide faucet repair if necessary.

    Damaged Faucet Valve Seat

    Faucets that continue dripping after having their washers replaced may need to have their faucet valve seat replaced. Bad washers left in place for some time let the metal stem grind consistently against the faucet’s seat. This can cause it to develop an uneven shape that fails to impede leaks. Sometimes, residue from minerals and chemicals in the water accumulate and prevent washers from fitting snugly against valve seats.

    Repairing a faulty faucet seat involves replacing the seat or simply replacing the faucet. To replace the old seat, you will need to insert a special tool called a seat wrench into the faucet seat and turn the wrench counterclockwise. Valve seats that can’t be removed with a seat wrench may be repaired by sliding a seat sleeve into place in the old faucet seat. They can provide a tight enough seal in some cases to stop the leak.

    What’s the Easiest Way to Fix a Faucet Leak?

    Letting a Collinsville, IL plumber fix your leaky faucet is the best and easiest way to stop annoying and expensive leaks. Some types of faucet repair are doable with a wrench and new washer or seal–if you know what you’re doing. When you hire a plumber to do the job, you know a faucet repair job is getting done right the first time.

    Call Bailey Sewer & Water in Collinsville for all your leaky faucet and other plumbing needs.