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general plumbing problems edwardsville il

How to avoid general plumbing problems at your Edwardsville, IL home

General Plumbing Issues in Your Home

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their plumbing system, so when problems occur, they come as a surprise. However, a little caution and routine maintenance can help keep the costs of repair down and your plumbing system running smoothly. Here are some ways to avoid your general plumbing problems in your Edwardsville, IL home.

drain clogs are general plumbing issues

Be Careful What You Put Down the Sink

One of the most common problems that occur in homes is simple clogs. These are usually easy to fix, especially if they’re near the drain opening, but sometimes they can occur further down the pipes and require more work to clear out. Paying attention to what you put down the drain can help avoid some of the worst clogs.

Never pour cooking oil down your drain, because it has a tendency to turn solid when it cools in the pipes. If you have a garbage disposal, avoid putting poultry skins, potato peels, or fibrous materials like coffee grounds and celery down the drain. In the bathroom, avoid flushing feminine hygiene products or wipes, even if the packaging says that they are flushable. Use a hair catcher over your shower drain to help keep stray hairs from washing down and turning into a clog.

drain cleaning is a general plumbing solution

Give Your Drains Time To Work

Overloaded drains can sometimes become clogged, so give anything you flush time to work its way down the pipes. If you have a large family, try to wait at least 10 minutes between showers to let soap scum and loose hairs make it through the drain. In the kitchen, be sure to run water for a short time before and after using your garbage disposal, and make sure you give it time to catch up and fully grind up anything you put down it rather than switching it off right away.

have your general plumbing issues attended ASAP!

Fix Problems Immediately

That slow leak or minor loss of water pressure might seem like no big deal at first, but it can turn into an expensive hassle. Leaks can run up your water bill and damage your home. Water pressure issues may be something as simple as calcium buildup on the faucet or a sign that there are big problems down the line. Whether you fix it yourself or get a qualified plumber out to take care of it, fixing problems as soon as they occur can help keep your costs down and prevent damage to your home.

Most plumbing problems are easy to avoid with a little caution and foresight. If you do find yourself with an intractable clog, damaged faucet, or other common plumbing problem in your Edwardsville, IL home, a qualified plumber can help you fix the issue with minimal stress.


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