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Water Conservation Tips for Edwardsville, IL homes & businesses

Here’s what you can do to cut water usage and save money!

It’s April in the Edwardsville, IL area, which means that summer is just around the corner. While we’re busy dreaming of summer vacation and thinking about our favorite summertime activities, there’s something you’re probably not thinking as much about – water conservation! While Americans use water at all times of the year, summer is rife with the overuse of water resources due to filling swimming pools, watering lawns, and much more. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to share a few water conservation tips that can help you use less while you have more fun this summer. Read on for more details!

Fix Leaks

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The first thing that you can do to keep from using too much water in the summer is to check your home for leaks. From under the sink to faucets, toilets, and showerheads, there are a lot of places for leaks to develop. While they may seem slow, 24-hours of dripping water actually starts to add up quite a bit. Fix them yourself or call a qualified local plumber to ensure the job gets done right!


low-flow toilets edwardsville il

Another thing that may help you save some water is to utilize low-flow toilets. While many people prefer the flushing power of standard toilets, users of low-flow toilets notice almost no difference in performance while saving quite a bit of water. Standard toilets can use between 3 and 6 gallons per flush, and a low-flow toilet can cut that number in half!


energy efficient shower head edwardsville il

Showerheads are another place that you can save on water. While you may not notice it, some showerheads are using as much as 8 gallons per minute. Seek out a modern shower head that’s been optimized for efficiency – these models can use 3 or fewer gallons per minute for significant water conservation savings.

Drip Irrigation

drip irrigation edwardsville il

We all love a lush green lawn and a beautiful garden, but all that beauty comes at a price – the price of water. Traditional sprinkler systems are classic water wasters due to the amount of water they use and the manner in which they use it. How often does the sprinkler spray the sidewalk or the house instead of the plants? With a drip irrigation system, you’ll be able to deliver drops of water directly to your plants, which will help save on water.

Rain Barrels

rain barrel edwardsville il

An even better idea of saving on watering your garden this season is to utilize a rain barrel whenever possible. The rain that comes down during the summer will just end up running off into the sewer system. By installing a rain barrel and collecting that water, you can redirect it into your garden or lawn and save on the water that you actually have to pay for. Free water is the best water for watering your lawn!

Utilize Technology

water saving car wash edwardsville il

Some people love washing their cars or even dishes. It can be therapeutic and a way to unwind. However, manually washing things is actually one of the worst ways that people wastewater. For these and similar tasks, it helps conservation efforts to visit a car wash that is optimized for efficiency, because they have to pay for that water. The less they can use, the higher their profit margins. With dishes, new Energy Star-rated models use significantly less water than it takes to do it by hand.

Cover Your Pool

swimming pool covers edwardsville il

We all know what happens to water under the hot sun – it evaporates! This doesn’t change with your swimming pool, and during the hottest months of the season, you may be pouring hundreds or even thousands of gallons into your pool to keep it at the best levels. By covering your pool, you’ll prevent evaporation that kills conservation!

For more tips on how you can save water at home – call the pros at Bailey Sewer & Water!


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